Sea Legs EP

by Modern Rivals

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released May 11, 2012

Recorded and produced by Modern Rivals at Big Foote Music in New York, NY. Mixed by Chris Coady at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, CT. Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge. Artwork by Jill Ruzicka.



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Track Name: Defenestrate You
They shoot from the heartstrings I shoot with my head
I think I’m thinking better
Than they’ve ever bled
Cause I can taper paper But they want fake opaque Headsick chasing vapors There’s too much at stake
And if they just skim through it Why bother to anoint?
You can’t run or fuck to it
So where’s the point?
Got to get them rhythm Got to fit just right
I refuse their dictum The victims are me Their blood is mine
They can’t see
Blind so they bend you I’m deaf, I’ll defend you Defenestrate you
They can’t see
Blind so they bend you I’m deaf, I’ll defend you Defenestrate you
Track Name: Clocks vs. Darts
She’s show me the shindig He’s show me the blood
She thinks I’m autistic
You’re not hurt enough
And it’s a modern marvel Come on! Come one! Come all! Tragic and carnal
Come eat your heart out
See her fake fresh lip lift
His bionic arm
Science tricks can’t fix this And here comes the harm And here come the hammer Don’t run! Don’t cry! Don’t lie! There goes the glamour
Get a pen and stammer
There’s where it starts
There’s where it wounds
You throw words like darts
Chase us like kids ‘round the room Aim low
Nice throw
Money, looks, calls and hearths
We owe, we owe, we owe, we owe, we owe Habits, hates, hopes and hearts
We know, we know, we know, we know
Here’s where it stops
Here’s where we go
Our hearts are clocks
Tick, tock, talk, ta ta, explode You stay
We go
We owe interest, we owe skin
Owe existence and clean dishes
We owe children and mowed lawns
We owe and we are overdrawn
Collect the debt with threats, then press Yourself into our hearts and heads
Now I’m too scared to break my hands But that’s where they hid their habits And they put poison in my mouth
I tried but I can’t spit it out
Their hope, their hate, my heart, my head Thank god a bomb is in my chest
Track Name: Small Bell
Relatives sailing ship
like lost dogs
I search. I need
More dirt, more earth, more logs
All these spades, flames, graves don’t know us
I’m sure we’re losing names Words turned dust
I know, I know
So I wait here
for so long
There’s news they say news is on the way
My head's ringing now I know this sound
and I’m flying back to it Recognize the pealing
Small bell
Sees me
I swear I’ll say you’re still sleeping You see
My voice
Oh my
Small bell
While I have your attention now Ring and
I’ll run
run, run, run
Track Name: Riku
Something strange here is going on Dangling from this new phenomenon People disappearing, memories interfering
I've been waking up with injuries
Markings from forgotten victories
Hear them talking about me, planning something Am I one of them?
I don't wanna have the liability
oh no
Sacrifice my soul for upward mobility oh no
Never thought I would be the one Spilling blood down on the floor Calculating every move I make Never though that I would start a war
I don't wanna have the liability
oh no
Sacrifice my soul for upward mobility oh no
Little red crystals in my hands White faced now his eyes expand Feeling broken as he turns to sand